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Virtual Private Servers

The powerful and flexible solution

Forget about Dedicated Servers, our Virtual Servers are the dog's pyjamas! Configure your VPS to suit your needs from just £9.95 a month

  • Fully Managed Service
  • OnApp-Powered Cloud
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • SSD-Powered as Standard
  • No Contracts or Setup Fees
  • DDOS-Protected Dedicated IP

Fast, Flexible and Secure

Professional VPS at low prices


Instant Setup

Forget about Dedicated Servers. Our VPS is faster, more flexible, and much more cost-effective than a dedicated server. The server is, howevere, built on our OnAPP Cloud, which means backups and automatic failover protection.


Fully Flexible

Your CPU and RAM are dedicated to your VPS. WE do not share that resource, and you are free to increase or decrease your specification as you require, with no loss of service


99.99% Uptime

As our OnAPP Cloud is not reliant on a single piece of hardware, you benefit from far higher uptime rates than a dedicated server.


SSD Performace

Our VPS servers use SSD storage along with Dell servers to ensure the fastest platform possible



We provide a dedicated Cisco firewall and backup service to protet your server at no extra cost. We alsominclude an OnAPP backup of your VPS to external storage for extra security, again at no extra cost, and this can allow you to roll back your server in the event of a major failure.



We provide 24/7 support right here in the UK and we respond promptly and couteously to all support requests.

VPS Servers Pricing

Monthly Price Dedicated RAM 2.9 Ghz XEON CPU SSD Disk Space Bandwidth OnAPP Backup ORDER
£9.99 1 Gb 1 Core 25 Gb UNLIMITED INCLUDED Order Now
£15.99 2 Gb 1 Core 50 Gb UNLIMITED INCLUDED Order Now
£21.99 3 Gb 1 Core 75 Gb UNLIMITED INCLUDED Order Now
£29.99 4 Gb 2 Cores 100 Gb UNLIMITED INCLUDED Order Now
£35.99 5 Gb 2 Cores 125 Gb UNLIMITED INCLUDED Order Now
£44.99 6 Gb 2 Cores 150 Gb UNLIMITED INCLUDED Order Now
£49.99 7 Gb 2 Cores 175 Gb UNLIMITED INCLUDED Order Now
£59.99 8 Gb 3 Cores 200 Gb UNLIMITED INCLUDED Order Now
£69.99 9 Gb 3 Cores 250 Gb UNLIMITED INCLUDED Order Now
£84.99 10 Gb 4 Cores 300 Gb UNLIMITED INCLUDED Order Now
£119.99 11 Gb 6 Cores 512 Gb UNLIMITED INCLUDED Order Now